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Not Carved Stone 1989
This surviving gem from studio achieves is a raw and natural compilation of unrestrained musicianship. Greg Morgan and Den Hardy demonstrate a powerful inspirational partnership. With just one sax and one guitar they bake-up a hot dish of jazz-folk that’s heavily laced with blues and flamenco rhythms. Only this strength of musical empathy could create such outstanding improvisational work. ‘This’ is a virtuoso journey. Heard that before? Now hear ‘This’.
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1. Cover Me Wiv Choclate

2. Desire

3. Desireless

4. McCrimons Lament

5.  Polly Vaughn

6. She Moved Through The Kasbar

7. Vulgar Boatmen

Den Hardy & Greg Morgan met during the 1980s whilst members of several bands. It seemed that whenever a band needed more than just a great guitarist or saxophonist, in other words, great musicianship, Den and Greg found themselves either on stage together or in the recording studio. This album has been put together from some studio archive rehearsal tapes, made during that time. One of the approaches whilst exploring how their skills enhanced each other's playing was to rework pieces of music that inspired them, and then improvise around the melody without directly referring to it, creating some intriguing audio allusions. These pieces are often complex, obscure but fascinating parodies of the original. This album portrays not only the diverse sources of inspiration, but also illustrates the hightened sensitivity that these two musicians have toward their art. So sit back relax and enjoy.

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